Monday, November 14, 2005

Writing. Where to begin…?

Anyone can be a writer. Ask anyone that frequents any kind of board that features webcomics or manga, and they’ll probably roll their eyes. They’ve seen virtually every plot involving college life, cat girls, and twelve-year-old saving the universe, sometimes in the same plot. Yep; anyone can come up with an idea.

However, not everyone has the skill or ability to write. I have seen so many ideas that were nothing but clich├ęs strung together that it honestly scares me. It’s nice to see people wanting to write, but I wish they had paid attention to their English classes. Spelling and grammar aren’t optional, and it definitely helps to know your material.

Aight. This is going to be a bit more informal than most books. This allows me to go off on rants every so often, and to have some fun with it, and really get my point across. So…My apologies to those that get annoyed, and definitely to those that don’t like someone tramping all over their dreams. Then again, screw it. If you can’t take some criticism and you can’t do the homework, you don’t deserve to get into writing. So…get over yourself, and be prepared for some hard lessons.

Shall we begin…?