Friday, July 01, 2016

Frank Cho is a Jerk

Frank Cho is a jerk. He recently drew a Spider-Gwen on a blank cover variant in the style of Milo Manara. Yes: He drew her with her butt in the air. He then published this to his tumblr account. When the predictable fury hit, he responded not by taking it down, but by drawing Harley Quinn in the same position. Apparently he busted the internet as the response as not been as vociferous as it was for the Spider-Gwen picture.

Suffice to say that the comments have been predictable. A number of ardent feminists have complained about the picture; apparently women just aren't supposed to be in that position as it appears that she is proferring herself to...someone. Men's right activists have snagged on to the whole thing as a welcome attack on feminism, and one that needed to happen. Both of these groups have sort of missed the joke.

The joke is way that too many people treat objectification of women far too seriously. With people that have a healthy sexually there is some objectification of the other sex; this happens just as often in women as it does men. When a woman goes to a Chippendales performance, she isn't all that interested in the backstory of the guy gyrating before her quite as much as the guy's muscles and control thereof. It just seems that somewhere along the way some people started treating sex far too seriously; it just seems as if somewhere along the line sex became a bad thing, and any expression of that is bad. By taking the sex out of comics you effectively neuter them.

The irony is that we need more sex in our comics for them to be taken seriously, and yet people scream in outrage when the subject is even considered.

It was sort of nice to see him to fire back with Harley once there was a problem with Batgirl. So Frank Cho is a jerk. But he's one I can respect.