Sunday, May 06, 2007

How To Make Great Art

Okay, I've been looking at a lot of galleries lately, and I think I've hit on some things that everyone is missing. In that regard, I present some things that more people should be doing:

10) Leave the anime at home. I'm seeing too many artists that have a great personal style, but, nonetheless, the 75%+ of their gallery is mangaka-wannabe stuff. Why settle for doing the same stuff as everyone else if you can do it better?

9 ) Dynamic poses. Anyone can do a pose of someone standing up and smiling. I want to see something fun! Crouching shyly, smiling over a shoulder, even jumping...but enough with the standing!

8 ) Human interaction. I'm not referring to sex; that's way too easy. I want something more subtle, like a head on a belly or a hand on a chest. Even just a basic handshake. It doesn't even have to be close contact; two guys glaring at each other. Something to show that the people in the piece recognize that the other person lives...

7 ) Non-muscular anatomy. I always look for geeks and fat guys; it's mainly because anyone can draw a guy that's got Olympian proportions or women that look like they stepped of a Vogue cover. But...can they people with realistic figures? If even movies and TV have figured out that portraying regular people is good (we've seen Eric Foreman's BVD's how many times?), then why haven't comics figured it out?

6 ) Kids. I'm not talking shota or pedophilia here. I'm a big fan of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn; I fgure that a lot of people are. And are really rare. I want to see more Norman Rockwell stuff where kids are playing, eating, and just, well, being kids...

5 ) Animals. Okay, I know the limitation is that animals are something that you won't see a lot of. Yet I'm at the point where I would like to see more 12-year-old girl stylings of pretty ponies just to see how an artist would do animals. Even with fanpics of Naruto's pal Kiba you don't see many dogs. I guess I should write more animal mascots; nonetheless, normal dogs and cats would be nice to see.

4 ) Anthropomorphs with muzzles. A cat boy needs more than just a pair of ears and maybe a button nose; they should have a muzzle as well. If you're going to experiment with the concept, have fun with it; don't just stop at the ears! Yeesh...

3 ) Monsters. Okay, so I'm obviously a big fan of Greek mythology. I like hydras, and dragons, and griffins (Oh my!). I would have figured that everyone would have. And yet...there are almost none of them in any gallery. I see angels, I see nagas, but where are the monsters?

[Silly PETA...Time to crank out those "PETA Unfair to Monsters" T-Shirts...]

2 ) Little details. I'm not referring to clothing wrinkles or tattoos; I want to see backpacks, watches, multi-layered outfits. I want to see spit curls, long hair, and even bald people with little bumps. And freckles; why do people in art always have clear complexions when no one in real-life does?

Spandex is fine; wrinkles are fine. But where are the plaids?

1 ) BACKGROUNDS! I see a lot of colored backgrounds with filters. I may see a bed or a torture device, but rarely where they are sitting. People do not float through space; why should your characters? Yeesh...

If it helps...

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