Monday, September 22, 2014

Distribution via Tablet

Just as a tablet can be used for a good part of creating a comic, it can also be used to help distribute your comic. It all depends on how you usually get the word out.

Keep in mind that you should be able to upload your comic from your tablet. This means that you can draw your comic, upload it when you are done, and then let everyone know about it. However, there are some ways to take advantage of tablets when it comes to getting it to readers both new and old, so let's look at some options.

The biggest way to get readers for your webcomic will be to take advantage of the various social media apps. Tweeting and posting that your webcomic is the easiest way to get readers involved. You want to develop your own hashtags for your comics so that they are easy to find, as well as post to as many groups that will let you. This is also why you post a link to your own accounts on the webcomic homepage; it ensures that if anyone likes the comic they can easily follow you. You should also cultivate friends on the social sites so that you when you post a link it has some additional reach. Putting this into perspective, the Facebook limit of 5000 friends can give you an effective reach of 100,000 or more. That's something to consider when you are setting up your network.

You also need to have your own app. There are some apps that let you build a comic app out of existiing comics, and This can work well for advertising purposes.You just need to decide if you want to give it away for free or sell it. The basic advice is to give it away to build up an audience, and then sell it for a dollar or two once you hit a critical mass. Assuming you have a number of collections by that point, you want to start charging for the oldest, and then as you add more collections charge for more of the older collections. However, you will need to figure out what that "critical mass" is for you, as well as how many of your collections you will charge for, as no two webcomics have the same demographics and you will want to have some collections available for free. You need to figure that balance out yourself.

You can use your tablet to get the word out, an other people's tablets to get new followers and possibly make some money from your webcomic. You need to do a little extra work, but it may be worth it for the success of your comic.

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