Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Every writer should be forced to deal directly the public at some point. Novel writers have a circuit of appearances; besides appearing on shows, they also show up in libraries and bookstores promoting their works. The same should apply to comic book writers as well, and illustrators as needed. If the idea of getting a little public attention appeals to you, you may want to try booking an appearance.

Ironically, comic book writers forget that people are visual-based, specifically that they prefer faces over names, and so they like it when they can associate a face with a name. If a book has a face associated with it, that book tends to sell more; this makes public appearances worth the time invested. Book lovers love a chance to meet writers; some just want to meet the people that write the books, other want to talk craft with someone that has been published. Either way, providing a chance o meet an author can be great for business.

Bookstores try to encourage this, as personal appearances also help sales of other books in the store where the author makes an appearance, so they rarely turn down an author looking for an appearance. It also gives them something to advertise as a happening, especially if the book is at all interesting or the author has any kind of reputation. Keep in mind that the same applies to comic book stores as well as regular book stores; either are usually extremely happy to see an author. Other venues can work as well, such as a restaurant, as long as they work for the work in question. Don't be afraid to try other venues; you never know what will work until you try it.

When you get something booked, work with the venue to maximize the advertising. Make sure that you let your readers know, both through your own website, any allied sites, and through any social media. When the day comes, make sure that you arrive early so that you can set up without crowd interference. Also make sure that you have extra books, especially if you are at a bookstore or comic book shop so you can leave some behind, assuming of course that the manager is copacetic with it.

Have a great day, and have fun. Remember to be reasonably polite, and you should have a great day!

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