Saturday, September 08, 2012

Supporting Your Local Comic Store

Every town has one. And yet for some reason most webcomic creators seem to have divorced themselves from them for some reason. The usual reason is that they do not read printed comics anymore, or that they are past that phase as a reader. Well, you need to go back and make friends. Now.

I am talking about the local comic book store. This is where the geeks hang out, swapping stories about their heroes, what their favorite villains are up to, and which comics are worse that month. It is a place that everyone knows everyone else' name, and the place you need to make friends with at some point in time.

Eventually you are going to want to do a dead tree version of your comic, and then you are going to do something silly like try to sell it. In order to do so, you are going to need to have a local ally. You are going to need someone to buy your book for the local store, and you need to know someone there. So go back there and make friends.

More importantly, it can can give you a way to talk to other comic nerds and explore what makes the stories and characters so important. Sure, you can do that online, but sometimes you need to talk to people in real life; you need to know that people really exist and aren't just some advanced artificial intelligence program. It gives you a way to discuss problems you may be having with a story, and see what they would do about it. If nothing else, you can smash someone's theory about how Superman should win against a particular enemy.

The bottom line is that we all need that human touch once in a while. You need an excuse to get out of the house, and talking to someone is not a bad way to do it. Sure, there are parties and such, but sometimes just talking to another person with the same interests is a lot better than getting drunk and getting laid. Not often, admittedly, but it is something you can count on doing at least....

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